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Primary Language:
Mandarin (Chinese)

Secondary Languages:
English, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Hindi, Arabic

Attribute Minimums:
SOC 3 to be a Capellan citizen

Bonus Skills:
Martial Arts/Gung Fu +1,
Language/Any Capellan Secondary +1

Bonus Traits:
Capellans believe strongly in karma and the vagaries of fortune and so receive Exceptional Attribute/Edge.
The player must decide if his character holds Capellan citizenship: without citizenship (minimum SOC 3),
a Capellan character has the Stigma/Servitor Caste Trait and may not purchase
(or receive through events) the Owns Vehicle, Wealth, Well-Connected or Well-Equipped traits.

Path Restrictions:
The following paths have an additional prerequisite of Capellan citizenship for Capellan characters:
Military School (Stage 2)
all Stage 3 paths,
all Stage 4 paths except Ne’er-Do-Well
(Child labor is legal in most parts of the Confederation; if a character cannot qualify for any
Stage 2 or Stage 3 paths, he can go to Stage 4 and enter the workforce, taking a Civilian Job
and ignoring the prerequisites.)

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